Undergraduate teaching:

Quantitative Principles in Biology (BIMM 140)

Instructors: Dr. Gürol Süel / Dr. Nan Hao

Course Description:
This course considers problems in biology that were solved using quantitative biology approaches. Problems will range from the molecular to the population level. Students will learn about the scientific method and process, and how to apply it.


Graduate teaching:

Introduction to Quantitative Biology (BGGN 214)

Instructor: Dr. Gürol Süel

Course description:
The course goal is to discuss and work through example problems where quantitative biology approaches were necessary to yield novel insights. Problems will be presented across spatial and temporal scales and with a historic perspective to instill a philosophy for understanding the scientific method and process. We will begin with atomic interactions within proteins, then genetic networks and cellular physiology, and finally cover development and conclude with population dynamics. We will also discuss the importance of connecting principles from disparate fields. Students will also be presented with examples of paradigm shifts driven by asking questions from different perspectives and understanding when, how and why q-bio approaches can be effective.