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Electrochemical potential enables dormant spores to integrate environmental signals
Kikuchi K.*, Galera-Laporta L.*, Weatherwax C., Lam J.y., Moon E.C., Theodorakis E.A., Garcia-Ojalvo J., Süel G.M.
(*equal contributors)
Science, 2022; Volume 378, Issue 6615, P43-49.

Localized electrical stimulation triggers cell-type-specific proliferation in biofilms
Comerci C.J*, Gilman A.L.*, Galera-Laporta L., Gutierrez E., Groaisman A., Larkin J.W., Garcia-Ojalvo J., Süel G.M.
(*equal contributors)
Cell Systems, 2022; Volume 13, Issue 6, P488-498.E4. Preview

A segmentation clock patterns cellular differentiation in a bacterial biofilm
Chou K.T.*, Lee D.D.*, Chiou J.G.*, Galera-Laporta L., Ly S., Garcia-Ojalvo J., Süel G.M.
(*equal contributors)
Cell, 2022; Volume 185, Issue 1, P145-157.E13.


IonoBiology: The functional dynamics of the intracellular metallome, with lessons from bacteria
Galera-Laporta L.*, Comerci C.J.*, Garcia-Ojalvo J., Süel G.M.
(*equal contributors)
Cell Systems, 2021; Volume 12, Issue 6, 497-508.


Encoding membrane potential-based memory within a microbial community
Yang C.*,Bialecka-Fornal M.*, Weatherwax C., Larkin J.W., Prindle A., Liu J., Garcia-Ojalvo J., Süel G.M.
(*equal contributors)
Cell Systems, 2020; Volume 10, Issue 5, 417-423.
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Spiral wave propagation in communities with spatially correlated heterogeneity
Zhai X., Larkin J.W., Süel G.M., and Mugler A.
Biophysical Journal, 2020; Volume 118, Issue 7, 1721-1732.


Statistics of correlated percolation in a bacterial community
Zhai X., Larkin J.W., Kikuchi K., Redford S.E., Roy U., Süel G.M., and Mugler A.
PLoS Comput. Biol., 2019; Volume 15, Issue 12.

Metabolic basis of brain-like electrical signalling in bacterial communities
Martinez-Corral R., Liu J., Prindle A., Süel G.M., and Garcia-Ojalvo J.
Phil. Trans. R. Soc, 2019; Volume 374, Issue 1774.

Magnesium flux modulates ribosomes to increase bacterial survival
Lee D.D.*, Galera-Laporta L.*, Bialecka-Fornal M.*, Moon E.C., Shen Z., Briggs S.P., Garcia-Ojalvo J., and Süel G.M.
(*equal contributors)
Cell, 2019; Volume 177, Issue 2, 352-360.


Bistable emergence of oscillations in growing Bacillus subtilis biofilms
Martinez-Corral R., Liu, J., Süel G.M., and Garcia-Ojalvo J.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A., September 4, 2018 115 (36) E8333-E8340;

Signal percolation within a bacterial community
Larkin J.W., Zhai X., Kikuchi K., Redford S.E., Prindle A., Liu J., Greenfield S., Walczak A.M., Garcia-Ojalvo J., Mugler A. and Süel G.M.
Cell Systems, 2018; Volume 7, 1-9.
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Snapshot: Electrical communication in biofilms
Lee D.D., Prindle A., Liu J., and Süel G.M.
Cell, 2017; Volume 170, Issue 1, 214-214

Coupling between distant biofilms and emergence of nutrient time-sharing
Liu J., Martinez-Corral R.*, Prindle A.*, Lee D.D., Larkin J., Gabalda-Sagarra M., Garcia-Ojalvo J. and Süel G.M.
(*equal contributors)
Science, 2017; Volume 356, Issue 6338, 638-642

Species-independent attraction to biofilms through electrical signaling
Humphries J., Xiong L., Liu J., Prindle A., Yuan F., Arjes H.A., Tsimring L., and Süel G.M.
Cell, 2017; Volume 168, Issue 1-2, 200-209


Slowdown of growth controls cellular differentiation
Narula J., Kuchina A., Zhang F., Fujita M., Süel G.M., and Igoshin O.A.
Molecular Systems Biology. 2016; 12(5)

Noise expands the response range of the Bacillus subtilis competence circuit
Mugler A.*, Kittisopikul M.*, Hayden L., Liu J., Wiggins C.H., Süel G.M., and Walczak A.M. (*equal contributors)
PLoS Computational Biology. 2016; 12(3)


Ion channels enable electrical communication in bacterial communities
Prindle A., Liu J., Asally M., Ly S., Garcia-Ojalvo J., and Süel G.M.
Nature. 2015; 527(7576)

Metabolic co-dependence gives rise to collective oscillations within biofilms
Liu J., Prindle A.*, Humphries J.*, Gabalda-Sagarra M.*, Asally M.*, Lee D.D., Ly S., Garcia-Ojalvo J., and Süel G.M.
(*equal contributors)
Nature. 2015; 523(7562)

A synthetic quorum sensing system reveals a potential private benefit for public good production in a biofilm
Zhang F., Kwan A., Xu A., and Süel G.M.
PLoS ONE, 2015; 10(7)

Chromosomal arrangement of phosphorelay genes couples sporulation and DNA replication
Narula J., Kuchina A., Lee D.D., Fujita M., Süel G.M., and Igoshin O.A.
Cell, 2015; Volume 162, Issue 2, 328-337
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Inverse Gillespie for inferring stochastic reaction mechanisms from intermittent samples
Chattopadhyay I., Kuchina A., Süel G.M., and Lipson H.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. June 19, 2013 Vol. 110 no. 32 12990-12995

Circuit-level input integration in bacterial gene regulation
Espinar L., Dies M., Çagatay T., Süel G.M., and Garcia-Ojalvo J.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. April 23, 2013 Vol. 110 no. 17 7091-7096


Localized cell death focuses mechanical forces during 3D patterning in a biofilm
Asally M., Kittisopikul M., Rué P., Du Y., Hu Z., Çagatay T., Robinson A.B., Lu H., Garcia-Ojalvo J., and Süel G.M.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. September 24, 2012 Vol. 109 no. 46 18891-18896
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Engineered E. coli that detect and respond to gut inflammation through nitric oxide sensing
Archer J.E., Robinson A.B., and Süel G.M.
ACS Synthetic Biology, Publication Date (Web): August 17, 2012

Identification of F-actin as the central hub in a microbial-induced GTPase polarity circuit
Orchard R.C., Kittisopikul M., Altschuler S.J., Wu L.F., Süel G.M. and Alto N.M.
Cell, 2012; Volume 148, Issue 4, 803-815


Temporal competition between differentiation programs determines cell fate choice
Kuchina A., Espinar L., Çagatay T., Balbin A.O., Zhang F., Alvarado A., Garcia-Ojalvo J., and Süel G.M.
Molecular Systems Biology, 2011; (7) Article number: 557
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Reversible and noisy progression towards a commitment point enables adaptable and reliable cellular decision-making
Kuchina A., Espinar L., Garcia-Ojalvo J., and Süel G.M.
PLoS Computational Biology, 2011; 7(11)

Optimizing periodicity and polymodality in noise-induced genetic oscillators
Rué P., Süel G.M., and Garcia-Ojalvo J.
Physical Review E, 2011; Vol. 83, Issue 6


Biological role of noise encoded in a genetic network motif
Kittisopikul M. and Süel G.M.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2010; Vol. 107 no. 30 13300-13305
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Capacity of stochastic self-renewal and differentiation in mammalian spermatogonial stem cells
Wu Z., Luby-Phelps K., Bugde A., Molyneux L.A., Denard B., Li W., Süel G.M., and Garbers D.
The Journal of Cell Biology , 2009; Vol. 187 No. 4 : 513-524

Architecture-dependent noise discriminates functionally analogous differentiation circuits
Çagatay T., Turcotte M., Elowitz M.B., Garcia-Ojalvo J. and Süel G.M.
Cell, 2009; Volume 139, Issue 3, 512-522
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A genetic timer through noise-induced stabilization of an unstable state
Turcotte M., Garcia-Ojalvo, J., and Süel G.M.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A., 2008; 105(41) : 15732-15737


Tunability and noise dependence in differentiation dynamics
Süel G.M., Kulkami R.P., Dworkin J., Garcia-Ojalvo J., and Elowitz M.B.
Science 2007; 315 (5819) : 1716-1719


An excitable gene regulatory circuit induces transient cellular differentiation
Süel G.M., Garcia-Ojalvo J., Liberman L.M., and Elowitz M.B.
Nature. 2006; 440 (7083) : 545-50


Evolutionarily conserved networks of residues mediate allosteric communication in proteins
Süel G.M., Lockless S.W., Wall M.A., and Ranganathan R.
Nature Structural Biology. 2003; 10 : 59-69

Book Chapters

Chapter III. Title: “Use of Fluorescence Microscopy to Analyze Genetic Circuit Dynamics”
Süel G.M.
Methods in Enzymology, Elsevier Publishing May 2011, Synthetic Biology Part A Volume 497